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WhatsNew.exe by S.G.R.

Lists the new files in a given path with certain number of days.


WhatsNew sourcepath [days] [urlprefix] [/C | /M | /A] [/HTML | /XML]

sourcepath: path to search for.
days: number of days to start looking before. Ten days is the default.
urlprefix: optional, if given urlprefix is used to create a hyperlink to file found. Example: \\server\share\, http://host/folder/ ,etc. if 'file1.doc' is found then hyperlink use urlprefix as \\server\share\file1.doc, http://host/folder/file1.doc ,etc.
/C /M /A: optional, search using different filedate fields such:
/C: file creation date.
/M: (default), file modified date.
/A: file last access date.
/HTML /XML: optional, outputs in HTML or XML format.

-WhatsNew c:\windows
outputs the newest files in c:\windows in the last 10 days using last modified date.

-WhatsNew c:\projects\projectx 5 \fileserver\projectx /HTML >test.html
Creates a html file test.html containing the newest files in c:\projects\projectx in the last 5 days and one hyperlink for each FILE to \fileserver\projectx\FILE

-WhatsNew c:\projects\projectx 5 http://extranet/projectx /HTML >test.html
Same as abobe but using an url instead a uri for urlprefix parameter.

-WhatsNew c:\projects\projectx 5 http://extranet/projectx /C /XML >test.xml
Same as abobe but use XML format and search only in file creation date.

Whatsnew is extremely useful in document management systems and file servers!

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